MareCet Online Marine Mammal Sighting Reporting Form

Have you seen a dolphin / porpoise / whale / dugong lately while you were out at sea or strolling along the beach in Malaysia? If you have, please spare a few minutes to fill in this form with details of your sighting. Your information helps us to continue building our knowledge base of marine mammals. Thank you!

Please provide us with your email address so that we may contact you for further sighting details, if needed.

Please note the approx. size, colour, head shape, presence of scarring or wounds on the animal(s) that you observed.

Please describe key features of the species, if unsure of its species name.

Please estimate the number of animals sighted.

Please estimate the number of calves sighted within the group.

Please provide latitude and longitude readings, if possible.

Alternatively, please place a placemark of your sighting location in Google Earth and upload the map as a JPEG file here.

Please tick all that apply.

Please describe any other behaviour observed that is not listed above.

Please describe / indicate any other human activities observed that is not listed above.

Your photograph helps us confirm the identity of the cetacean species that you sighted.

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