Education and awareness

MareCet intends to engage the public in a variety of awareness campaigns, either through hands-on activities, exhibitions, and/ or the production of awareness and educational materials. Our target audiences are the local communities in our areas of work, schoolchildren and the general public at large.

To date, MareCet, through the LDR project, has initiated a Sightings Network with the tour guides operating in Langkawi to collect information on marine mammal sightings in the archipelago. Workshops were conducted to improve the guides’ knowledge and understanding of marine mammals found in the area and the important role local communities play in their conservation.

The success of education and awareness projects/campaigns for marine mammals and marine conservation requires the cooperation and concerted efforts by everyone in the different levels of community.A recent piece titled "Conservation through Education - Will it work for marine mammals?" that was published in The Journal of Marine Animals and Their Ecology (Vol. 4, No. 2, 2011) highlights this important fact.